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A unique partner for the development and production of die-cast aluminium in the automotive world. Born in 1971, costampress now contains the whole productive process in one single area. Costampress: a partner for product development and mass production.






An advanced engineering team, supported by the production units, is ready to help the client starting from the development of the product, in order to plan components and systems in an optimal way. The skills acquired in 45 years of activity, and our productive structure, allow us to offer a complete service to our customers through a single contact point.



Experience and technology: a winning combination that allows us to offer a complete service in the aluminium die casting industry able to satisfy every need with dedication and continued diligence. Over the years we have developed our technological skills, improving efficiency and quality to offer assurance and guarantee  to the companies that decide to collaborate with us. We are a company that, thanks to the huge demand decided to expand further in order to increase our production capacity. With Costampress you don’t choose a supplier but find a real partner able to fulfil all your needs.


Via G. Taliercio 13
30037 Gardigiano di Scorzè
Venezia Italy

T +39 041 5833111
F +39 041 5833199
E info@costampress.it
PEC costampress@legalmail.it

Cap. Soc. 100.000€ / C.F. & P.I. 00273100271 /
Iscr. R.I. VE n. 00273100271 / R.E.A. C.C.I.A.A. VE n.122337

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